Amazing what a walk will do…

Jocelyn and Daddy waterfront

On Sunday, I was going to work all day on my story. But thankfully, my wife and daughter knocked some sense into me. It was too beautiful of a day to waste and at the suggestion of my wife, we took a walk on the waterfront along Ruston Way in north Tacoma.

My wife, Helen, is always looking out for me, making sure I take time out from writing to recharge myself. The last thing she wanted to see was me burning out from writing and never getting to enjoy the crisp, January air.

I think for writers it’s important to step away from the keyboard, and take pleasure in the simple things in life. When you do that, you’re able to come back to your writing with a renewed focus.

I’m fortunate to have a wife and daughter that reminds me daily how important it is to get outside, relax and recharge.

For you writers out there, make sure you stay connected to a strong support group that will give you those reminders and that gentle nudge to live a little.

Believe me, the story will be there when you return.


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