The story of Sue

During the late hours of Thursday, Jan. 28 and into the wee hours of Friday, Jan. 29, the Coalition on Homelessness performs the One Night Count in communities across King County.

In 2015, the One Night Count found there to be 10,047 point-in-time homeless in King County. Unfortunately, that number is expected to rise in 2016.

As part of my new role as the content writer for Valley Cities Counseling, I had the unique opportunity to speak with a woman by the name of Sue who was rescued from homelessness by Valley Cities last December.

Sue is now in a fully-furnished studio apartment at Valley Cities Landing, an on-site housing program managed by Valley Cities Counseling. The housing program offers a place for the chronically homeless to stay. Each tenant has their own case manager and the goal is to empower these people to get back on their feet and be successful in life.

The story I submitted on Sue will be part of a press release showing how South King County is working hard to prevent and ultimately end homelessness.

Sue is enjoying her new home at Valley Cities Landing.


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