Co-Op Preschools are wonderful

co-op preschool

Our daughter will be 2 in July–a huge milestone for our little one. As she inches closer to 2 it’s become increasingly clear that she needs more interaction with kids her age and more opportunity to get out and play and enjoy new experiences.

We decided a great option would be co-op preschool. This model encourages a lot of parent involvement. Entry into the program is at a much lower cost than more traditional preschools, which my wife and I really appreciated.

Surprisingly, there are many co-op preschools to choose from within the city of Tacoma. We narrowed our choices down to three. We fell in love with the third one we visited. Our daughter will start in September.

This, of course, offers me a lot more flexibility to complete my freelance writing projects. Our daughter will be in class a total of 4 hours per week. Some of that time, I will volunteer in the classroom. But for the most part, I will be able to use that time to complete interviews and writing. My wife and I will share in the responsibilities of bringing our daughter to and from school and in the various school activities throughout the year.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to start this new journey with our daughter! If you’re on the fence about co-op preschool for your child, we highly recommend it!


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